A Legal Education-Professional Juris Doctor (JD) Degree for Federal/National Specialized Practice Programs and as Professional   Specialists in Business, Industry, Government and Education.


Novus Law School law graduates are physicians, accountants, engineers, management specialists, entertainment & sports agents, contract specialists, arbitrators & mediators, corporate leaders, international law specialists, business professionals, law enforcement officers/specialists, to only name a few.


Novus Law School law students come from over 140 countries.








These listed below, as well as other agencies, are areas where specialized training may provide expertise and compliance with regulatory requirements under administrative regulations.



American Arbitration Association

United States Tax Court

United States Court of Federal Claims

United States Court of International Trade

United States Court of Veterans Appeals

Interstate Commerce Commission

Workers Compensation Boards

Labor Mediators

United States Court

Federal Communications Commission

Federal Trade Commission

Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Maritime Commission

National Labor Relations Board

Immigration & Naturalization

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

Social Security Administration