Earn your degree online, anyplace, anywhere, anytime
Novus University Law School offers the advantage of already being an authority in online degree programs and classes. Most of our competitors are now trying to catch up for their students and come into the online digital forum for learning. We are here for you, now, and in the future. As we have for almost 20 years, Novus continues to offer online law degrees through Distance Education.  Novus has an innovative learning environment to meet today’s students’ educational needs. The Juris Doctor (JD), Executive Juris Doctor (EJD), Bachelor of Science in Law (BSL), or the Master of Laws (LLM) allows students the flexibility of completing their degree online - offline - anyplace - anywhere - anytime.
Online Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime Degree Programs
Today’s traditional brick-and-mortar legal education institutions have forced prospective law students to make the choice of either acceptance into a local university, which may be impossible considering the amount of competition for entrance or move to a new state or city. Prospective law students would have to leave their job, families, and friends while moving to earn a law degree or meet professional career goals and objectives.  Novus Law Schools’ education without borders allows students the opportunity to complete their degree in a flexible learning environment and at a time and place that is convenient to their busy lifestyles. There is no classroom attendance required and students may accelerate their degree to finish in as little as two years.
Novus Law School allows students to have access to their degree curriculum, online law library, recorded lectures, and study materials available 24/7 and to enhance the opportunities to completing their degree in an accelerated program.  Our innovative degree program promotes a learning environment that allows students to complete their program anyplace, anywhere, anytime through the virtual campus. Novus is committed to your success and works with students on a one on one basis to earn their law degree online.
The Novus Juris Doctor (JD) program allows the opportunity for bar admission through attorney supervised study or through Specialized Administrative & National Courts, Agencies & Tribunals.  The Executive Juris Doctor (EJD) allows professionals to add the legal education and utilize their degree in the competitive corporate world of today’s society not requiring state bar admission. The Bachelor of Science in Law (BSL) gives students an introduction in law education towards earning a law degree and the undergraduate degree of most attorneys.  The Master of Laws (LLM) assists students and attorneys to specialize in a particular legal field such as tax, patents, contracts, just to name a few. 
No matter what your degree choice the Novus program is there to enhance your law education and meet your professional and personal goals.