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A Law Degree Can Change Your Life

Law is a vital part of our society. We are a nation of laws, after all, a country where the rule of law is how we define our sense of ourselves. We don't have kings or despots, and we don't make decisions about who is right or wrong based on tribal tries or an elder's vague adjudication. Instead we use our system of laws, and we are a better society for it.

For that system of laws to continue to flourish, though, it's up to people like you to get in the game and help support and grow that system. Fortunately for you, there are a multitude of LSAT-free law programs that you can take online to earn a law degree. Law degrees can open up a lot of doors for you, allowing you to earn a place in business, politics, or in a law clerk's office.

An Online Law Degree Doesn't Require an LSAT to Be Useful!

The fact is that an approved law degree program prepares you for a great variety of industries and sectors, and any company would be happy to have someone with, say, a Juris Doctor, Executive Juris Doctor, Bachelor of Science in Law, or the Master of Laws, on their team. Your degree qualifies you to be the authority on a number of different topics. Whatever business your employer is engaged in, they could almost certainly use a legal perspective in their business dealings, and that is precisely what you offer.

You also offer the sharp mind and trained intellect that law school instills. Some of the best minds of our nation have law degrees that did not require an LSAT, and you will rank among them with your own JD degree. While you may not have a specific application for your knowledge of law and its enforcement, your ability to understand, analyze, and communicate -- abilities honed by your time in law school, reading law reviews and case briefs -- will qualify you as a top mind in your business.

Online Law Degree Programs Have Their Own Requirements

Many schools will demand that you take the LSAT, or Law School Admission Test, before you enter their hallowed halls. That is not always the case, however, and if you don't have the time or inclination to study for the LSAT, Novus is a prestigious law schools where you can earn a law degree and go on to apply that knowledge and training to your career. The LSAT is often the greatest hurdle for many students, but if you find it dissuading you from pursuing your dreams -- just ignore it, and go for a program that doesn't require it!

An Online Law Degree: The New Normal

Novus allows you to earn your law degree without an LSAT from the comfort of your own home. Once upon a time online degrees were seen as degree mills, and not trustworthy programs where you would actually learn your trade. High quality online programs have turned a corner and become largely accepted in the law community! More and more people are returning to an online school while holding a job and are unable to make the move necessary to be at their school in-person. Your online degree is just as valued as one earned in person, now. The education you'll receive at Novus and the opportunities it opens up for you are unparalleled.

Novus Law School Applicants who meet minimum educational requirements may be admitted. Novus Law School allows applicant certification for admission by University interview and/or applicant statement of education that they meet minimum pre-law educational qualification requirements. A certified applicant may register and commence law school within one of four (4) terms within a calendar year subject to available teaching and administrative staff. All pre-legal education must be verified by the applicant to the law school after registration.

Admission to Novus Law School is on an Open Admission Basis. However, the Novus Degree law Program is conducted on a one to one teaching basis, and enrollment is limited each term, to available qualified staff, and Program Mentors.