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Someone once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” I must say, throughout life we all encounter a multitude of journeys, some we choose to embark upon while others, somehow gravitate to us in an undesirable way.

My experience at Novus is a journey I chose to embark upon and in doing so, proved to be one of the most enjoyable roads of my travels. Along my journey I had the opportunity to interact with several people of the Novus staff. The countless support, patience, and cooperation I received as often as necessary will always speak volumes to me as I would recommend Novus Law School to others.

I am confident that the benefits of earning my Law Degree from Novus will far exceed my career expectations and desires. Thank you Novus for establishing an Institution of quality and excellence that affords the opportunity for mature learners to excel at an independent yet structured pace in completion of their program within a reasonable timeframe.
Jessie W., PH.D. JD., Florida
Many people cannot afford to take time off work to go to school full or even part-time. Professionals often need to maintain a continuous record of on-going education to remain competitive.

Some professions benefit from cross-over degrees. Mine was such a case. As a medical doctor board certified in forensic medicine, a law degree was a good fit. Although I have no intention of actually practicing law, a JD will be a significant attribute in my work as a medicolegal consultant.

Finally, it was personally very satisfying to actually study law. I would never have had this chance through a classical law school.
Lloyd S., MD, JD, Arizona
I started my own business and my company provides IT services, Call Center Services and Back Office Services to many large firms. We provide most of our services from countries like India, Philippines, China, Central America and Canada. The Novus law program helped me write contracts that help protect my company as well as given a better understanding on the legal system of the States. I will be able to use my degree to continue in international business, ethics and Intellectual Property Law matters.
-Rahul R. JD, New York
My experience as a law student at Novus Law School was actually surprising. I have completed many courses over the years with both on-line and distance course providers. Some of the course providers are real estate appraisal and broker course providers, while others are universities. The surprising part of the experience was that I always received a response to every one of my questions or comments. There were follow up e-mails, promptly returned phone calls and considerate responsive counselors and mentors. I would have recommended Novus to those who wish to further their education whether it is for career advancement or just to "know" about the law of our land. It has been an honor to study and train with my mentors and the student services personnel.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience and I look forward to always coming back to Novus for continuing education.
Dan T., JD, California
I have thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience with Novus Law School. I am really excited about finally reaching my milestone of completing my law degree. I feel that by obtaining my Juris Doctorate, I will be more marketable in the business world. I know my degree will allow me opportunities that could not have been considered fathomable without it. This is truly one the best educational decision I have made in my life. I know this degree will be the key to open many doors. The experience of learning online gave me the flexibility that I needed as a working husband and parent of three wonderful daughters. The Novus staff were all very helpful, professional, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout my whole education journey.
Michael, GA
Earning a degree online with volumes of other obligations in a day to day lifestyles, inclusive of careers and family commitments making equal demands of a student’s time, makes the options of flexible independent study possible and ideal. Versus the demands of traditional on-campus education accommodations, inclusive of fighting for parking and courses enrollment, online courses offer competitiveness without employment absenteeism, easier transfer of course credits to other institutions, less expensive tuition, and career opportunities of local firms to network with institutions for future workforce needs of potential employers from its student population base. Virtual computer education enhances important critical learning skills that encourage motivation, and a different type of learning options that open the door to many limitless possibilities involving networking and meeting very influential individuals, i.e. professors, political officials, inventors, etc. Engaging in online computer education not only provides career paths training for future employment endeavors; it also provides a pathway to hone learned job skills and finding and reaching student potential to succeed as a future employee to be in such a growing competitive corporate world.
Monica PPG. JD Florida