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Online Law Library Access
Students have the option to access one of the largest online research libraries. This allows students the opportunity to utilize resources that the courts, judges and attorneys use on a daily bases for researching cases and updated information.
The online library has additional study materials; tutorials, articles and information with updates on case outcomes and new court or case decisions nationally and internationally on a regular base. This allows students to have access to the most current information available when completing research.
The library also provides resources for students to complete self-study examinations with references for tapes and/or additional study books and materials. Utilization of the online library will teach students how to research options that attorneys and judges use daily.

Free Law Textbook Program
The Novus Law School Textbook Program is for the core curriculum only and is provided through the Novus Law School Lending Library for all core courses. Specialized law books for the Final Project or Non-Core Courses may be purchased from the University bookstore at University rates.
All law books through the University Library are 2 courses at a time and only the books provided through the library. No additional books or materials will be included in the Free Textbook Program.