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Novus Law School Courses; Online or Guided Law Study Programs are limited in the number of accepted students and therefore admission is selective and applicants are offered the opportunity to accept or decline admission and are advised to determine prior to acceptance, that the law program that they register in meets their personal or professional needs and/or objectives. Applicants should NOT register at Novus Law School without consulting independent, authoritative sources and making the determination whether Novus Law School meets their personal or professional goals needs, and/or objectives

Novus Law School tuition is due and payable in full upon registration. Tuition refunds are considered in special circumstances where the student can not continue studies for a period of one year or longer due to physical or mental incapacity, disability, major medical emergency, disaster, military service in a war zone, or imprisonment in a federal or state prison. Documentation is required for review and approval by the academic review board. Students who are approved for withdrawal under special circumstances from Novus Law School will be issued a refund based on the date of registration.

All students who wish to withdraw from Novus Law School for any reason are required to contact Student Services who will issue them an official withdrawal form. This form must be completely filled out, signed, notarized, faxed and mailed. The date the withdrawal form is received by mail is considered the date of withdrawal.

Payments made by credit or debit card will be credited back to the appropriate account. ALL withdrawals from the Law School are assessed a $450.00 Withdrawal fee, $175.00 Registration fee, and $325.00 Finance Option fee (if tuition was financed) which will be deducted before any refunds are issued.

Novus Law School advises all law students that the tuition is charged in full at the time of registration for the degree term. The tuition does not include program fees or finance charges if tuition is financed.

If tuition is financed, and the student is beyond the refund period he/she is liable for FULL TUITION, including withdrawal fee registration fee and finance fees till balance is paid in full. The date of registration is the date that the registration is received and/or processed by the Law School. The date of withdrawal is the date that the notarized statement of withdrawal is received by the Law School from the student and granted Special Circumstances withdrawal. All textbooks must be returned to the Law School in good and usable condition, or the student will be charged Law School textbook price. Students understand and agree to the Law School Terms of Service outlined in this web catalog by registering at the Law School.

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Over 30 Days