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A Legal Education for today’s professionals can be beneficial in literally hundreds of professional career fields.

There Are Over 200 Career Fields Not Requiring State Bar Admission!

The Surest Investment You Can Make In Today's Market: A Law Degree
The American education system has in some ways turned into a hit or miss investment. With so many Americans changing majors in their undergraduate studies before finally graduating behind schedule, the weight of educational loans is quickly becoming a national crisis. Additionally, more and more career tracks are sending professionals back to school, with MBAs and other terminal degrees an almost prerequisite to advance in certain companies.

It has become common practice to get an undergraduate degree only to ultimately find ones career in an entirely separate field. Today, the competition for high level employment and long-term career advancement has never been higher. At this time, it is important to look at educational pursuits as carefully as you would consider any other investment, and no line of study yields as many potential returns as a law degree. Careers from research to education, industry to government, and of course the practice of law and law enforcement, are all filled with opportunities to utilize a law degree as an asset.

Over 200 Legal Career Fields
The range of options you will have available when considering careers with a law degree is wider than any other field of study can present. When considering a career in law, you have dozens of options when selecting your focus. And each focus opens different types of law careers, providing literally hundreds of career paths to choose from. Law is the foundation of any society, so wherever your interests lie you can surely find a path that you find personally exciting when consulting a law careers list.

A Novus degree program can prepare you to become a successful legal professional working with people, organizations, and policymakers, and empowers you to solve the most pressing conflicts of today. Your legal education achievement in any of the Novus degree programs can then be concentrated, through the final project, for the advancement of learning for your degree major or specialization in mediation, business law, health law, immigration, labor relations, or any of the other 200 fields listed below.

Check out this link from the ABA website for additional information:

JD detours: Alternative career paths for lawyers

The judicial system plays an important role in the United States, but it’s not without its drawbacks and limitations, particularly the contentious nature of litigation. Mediation, on the other hand, while not a substitute for the judicial system, is an effective and affordable complement in a broad range of cases. If mediation is deemed appropriate and the parties agree to or are ordered to mediate, the court will refer the parties to an approved mediator or provide a “roster” of mediators who meet basic standards and requirements. In states that have such requirements, mediators must receive court approval or certification to be considered for referral. Click Here to read more about this career opportunity.

Business Law
When looking into business law careers, the possibilities are infinitely wider than you may realize when considering simply the legal day-to-day operations of any major business. Of course, a law career managing a company's legal affairs is a varied and interesting career path unto itself. Almost any industry places high value on an understanding of the law at its highest levels of management and operations as well. Environmental law careers can mean consulting to a number of industries, as well as involvement in helping shape government policy.

Health Law
Similarly, health law careers open a number of possibilities. Whether serving the needs of a hospital or insurance company, consulting on government policy or corporate policy, the nature of business has dictated an overlap with law as its primary through-line. A law degree can place you at the front of the line for hiring, recruiting, and advancement, whether for a career in law enforcement or government, industry or research. For this reason, investing in a law degree is one of the most reliable and highest yielding investments you can make.

Today, tens of thousands of professionals in business, industry, and government are utilizing their legal education in literally hundreds of professional career fields. The following list, although comprehensive, still represents only a minority of career fields where an online law degree may not only be an asset but may also make all the difference in their ability to function at the highest levels.

Employment is on an individual bases and Novus does not guarantee employment upon graduation. Graduates and students should consider all employment options and professional goals prior to registering. Individual or additional skills may be required by employers for professionals with a legal education.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution Professional
Domestic Resolution Specialist
Hearing Officer

Civil Rights
Affirmative Action Officer
Americans with Disabilities Act
Compliance Manager
Children's Advocate
Civil Rights Investigator
Conciliation Specialist
Director of Human Resources
Director of Human Resources &
Cultural Diversity
Equal Opportunity Compliance
Equal Opportunity Mgr.
Human Rights Analyst

Contract and Procurement
Contract Negotiator
Contract Specialist
Contract Termination Specialist
Industrial Prosperity Manager
Procurement Officer/ Analyst
Purchasing Officer/Director

Energy Advocate
Energy Conservation Program
Gas Supply/Regulatory Affairs
Minerals Appeals Analyst
Natural Resources Specialist
Public Utilities Specialist

Court Administration
Assistant Circuit/Dist. Exec. For
Bankruptcy Administrator
Circuit/ District Court Executive
Clerk of Court
Court Administrator
Court Analyst
Court Operations Specialist
Deputy Clark
Estate Administrator
Probate Clerk/ Administrator
Guardianship Clerk
Jury Commissioner
Land Commissioner
Legal Documents Officer
Legal Research Director
Parole Officer
Pretrial Officer/Director
Reporter of Decisions
Settlement Director
Supervisor of Public Trust
Support Payment Officer
Training Professional
Violations Bureau Manager

Criminal Justice
Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
Bank Fraud Investigator
Border Patrol Agent
Child Abuse Investigator
Civilian Complaint/Law
Enforcement Review Board
Compliance Support Inspector
Consumer Safety Inspector
Crime Analyst
Crime Prevention Coordinator
Criminal Investigator
DEA Special Agent
Enforcement Personnel
FBI Special Agent
Fines, Penalties, and Forfeiture
Foreign Service Narcotics Central
Forensic Investigator
Game Law Enforcement Officer
General Investigator/ Inspector
Immigration Inspector
Investigation Review Specialist
Postal Inspector
Revenue Officer / Agent
Securities Fraud Examiner
Seized Property/ Asset
Management Specialist
Special Agent (wild life)
Treasury Enforcement Agent
Victims Compensation officer

Education Administration
Assistant to the President/
Director of Federal/State
Grants and Contract Manager
Judicial Affairs officer
Laboratory Business Manager
Law School Career Development
Law School Clinical Program
Law School Development/
Fundraising officer
Law school Director of Admissions
Law School Director of Alumni
Law School Director of
Intuitional Advancement
Law School Director of Student
Paralegal Program/ School
Planned/ Deferred Giving
Sponsored Research Director

Law school Clinical Program
Law School Professor
Legal Research and Writing
Program Instructor
Paralegal Program Instructor
Undergraduate Business Ethics
Undergraduate Professor in:
Business Law
Criminal Justice
Environmental Policy
Law & Anthropology
Law & Economics
Law & History
Law & Psychology
Law & Society
Legal Studies Program
Security Assistance Management
Labor Relations Instructor
Tax Teacher
Environmental Careers
Coastal Zone Resources
Conservation Field
Director of Environmental Affairs
Director, Legislative Analysis &
Environmental Compliance Officers
Environmental Policy Analyst
Environmental Protection
Hazardous Waste Management
Public Health Advocate
Remediation Protection Specialist
Resource Policy Analyst
Safety and Occupational Health
Technological Programs Hazard
Trade Association Environmental

Financial Services
Bankruptcy Analyst
Benefits Professional
Claims/ Settlements/
Termination Specialist
Consumer Affairs Examiner
Credit Examiner
Financial Institution Examiner
Financial Services Sales Agent
Futures Trading Investigator
Legal Fee Auditor
Loan Administration / Specialist
Loan Workout Officer
Pension Law Specialist
Probate Accountant
Securities Compliance Examiner
Securities Firm Executive
Securities Transaction Analyst
Trust Business Development
Trust Employee Benefits
Trust officer/ Administrator
US Trustee/Assistant US

Human Resources
Employee Benefits Specialist
Employee Relations Manger Specialist
Government Benefits Director
Health Plan Member Services
Lawyer Temporary Agency
Legal Career Counselor
Legal Search Consultant
Manpower Development
Personnel Management Specialist
Public Guardian
Reemployment Rights
Compliance Rights
Salary Administration Specialist
Veterans Program Specialist

Civilian Service Retirement
Claims Examiner
Claims Representative Manager
Dependent and Estate Claims
Document Compliance Specialist
Environmental Claims Specialist
General Claims Examiner
Health Benefits Program Analyst
Health Plan Member Services
Insurance Agent
Legal Auditor
Loss and Damages Claims
Pension Investigator
Personal Trust Product Manager
Risk Manager
Social Insurance Administration/
Social Insurance Claims Examiner
Transportation Claims Examiner
Unemployment Insurance
Veterans Claims Examiner
Worker's Compensation Claims
Worker's Compensation Program

International Affairs/Trade
Customs Entry and Liquidation
Export Administrator
Export Control Specialist
Foreign Affairs Officer
Foreign Service Officer
Foreign Trade Zone Manager
Import Compliance Specialist
International Relations Officer
International Trade Specialist
Library Foreign Law Specialist
Passport and Visa Examiner
U.S. And Foreign Commercial
Service Officer

Intellectual Property
Copyright Examiner
Intellectual Resources Director
Patent Administrator
Paten Examiner
Patent Ability Review Examiner
Technology Transfer Director
Trademark Examiner
University Corporate Liaison

Intelligence/National Security
Aviation Security Specialist/
Foreign Assets control
Intelligence Analyst
Foreign Service Diplomatic
Security Officer
Information Security Specialist/
Intelligence Officer
Intelligence Research Specialist
Internal Security Specialist/ Officer
Personnel Security Specialist/
Security Administration
Security Inspector
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Labor Relations
Industrial Relations Specialist
Labor Investigator
Labor Management Relations
Labor Negotiator
Labor Relations Manager/Specialist
Litigation Management
Law Firm Administrator/
Executive /Director
Law Firm Management
Law Firm Recruiter
Pro Bono Coordinator

Legal Documents/Information
Freedom of Information Act
Privacy Act Officer
Law Librarian
Law Computer Network
Legal Archivist
Legal Database Manager
Legal Instruments Examiner
Legal Researcher
Litigation Support Specialist
Public Disclosure officer

Legislation and Regulatory Affairs
Congressional Affairs Specialist
Governmental Affairs/Relations
Legislative Analyst/ Director
Legislative Assistant
Legislative Correspondent
Legislative Program Manager
Legislative Representative
Legislative Staff Director
Manager of Regulatory Affairs
Professional Legislative Committee
Staff Director
Regulatory Analyst
Regulatory Compliance Director
Regulatory Impact Analyst

City/County Clerk/Administrator
Elections Administration Officer
Emergency Management Specialist
Foundation Executive/ Program
Grants Management Specialist
Management Analyst
Nonprofit Advocacy Organization
Program Analyst/ Officer
Trade/Professional Association

Bar Review Regional Director/
Director of gift and Estate
Economic Development Positions
Franchise Development Manager
Law Firm Director of Client
Law Firm Business Development
Public Affairs Specialist

Public Health
Medical Legal
HMO Specialist

Advocacy Coordinator
Corporate Secretary
Ethics Officer
Food Program Specialist
Hidden Assets Investigator
Professional Licensing Board
Compliance Officer
Senior Paralegal
Trade Specialist
Unclaimed Property Officer

Acquisitions Editor
Legal Writer/Editor
Law Firm business Development
Law Correspondent/Reporter
Legal Newspaper/ Journal
Legal Publisher Accountant
Technical Legal Information
Technical Writer/ Editor(Law)

Real Estate Housing
Director of Real Estate
Housing Advocate
Housing Authority Director/
Housing Service Planner
Land Agent Land Law Examiner
Land Preservation Director
Land Protection Director/
Real Estate Auction Project
Reality Specialist/Officer
Tenant's Broker
Title Examiner
Zoning Administrator

Ad measure
Boating Law Administrator
Highway Safety Specialist
Marine Transportation Policy
Traffic Management Specialist
Vessel Traffic Specialist

Estate Tax Examiner
International Tax Analyst
Property & Transaction Taxes
Tax Law Specialist
Tax Manager/ Tax Planning
Tax Research Manager