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Earning Your Law Degree Online

Advances in technology continue to offer new opportunities and workflows to enhance the way business is done. Law is the foundation of a society, and the study of law has similarly benefited from society's advances. While the practice of law in America continues to be an expanding profession, a legal education has many applications beyond just the courtroom. Many businesses have found in-house counsel and firms on retainer to be a vital part of their workflow, as a smooth running industry requires a solid foundation in terms of laws both domestic and international.

While more and more businesses find a need for skilled professionals with legal training, the range of jobs available to those with a law degree continues to increase. There are applications in business and research, commerce and education, government and law enforcement, and many other fields. As a result, more and more professionals are finding it advantageous to seek out online law school programs.

Previously, a legal education was a long and difficult process. It required access to a nearby law school, a schedule that could accommodate the demands of a rigorous course of study, and overcoming many other obstacles. Since that time, it has become possible to pursue an education with a number of great law schools online. But identifying the best online law school for your goals requires an understanding of what you are really seeking from your online law school classes. Some law school online programs require a component of study in the classroom, which can lead to scheduling constraints that all but eliminate the benefits of undertaking law school online classes.

There are intrinsic benefits to physically attending a University or School of Law. Online options, by and large, offer you the convenience of pursuing your studies on your own schedule from your own location, but at the loss of those benefits. The best online law schools have designed programs to offer you the best of both while pursuing your law school online degree. Access to intuitive student services is just the beginning of the benefits of selecting the right online law school.

Top online law schools are able to offer you more than just the information you need to gain insight into and understanding of the law. Interactive materials, like video lectures to augment course material, help bring the benefits of a classroom setting to the online study of the law. By selecting the right online law program, you can continue to honor your current social and professional commitments while actively building your foundation for the future.

Novus provides an exceptional, accessible, and innovative educational experience. We are pleased that you have considered Novus and are available to assist you in any way we can. The Novus Staff, Mentors, and previous Law Graduates wish you much success in your educational endeavors.
Novus Certified Law Admissions/ Eligibility

The Study of law has long attracted individuals of superior abilities. Years ago a legal education was generally only available to those attending a classroom setting and who lived near a university/college offering law classes. Students had to attend full time or evenings while giving up personal and professional obligations to complete their education.

In our society today, students have the opportunity to learn and attend law school anytime anywhere with today's technological advances. The benefit of an online learning program allows the student to complete educational studies at a time and place that is convenient to their current life style. Students are not required to move, change employment, commute to classrooms, and most significantly miss out on the day-to-day activities of personal family life and professional obligations.

Novus Law School's online-learning program is flexible and works around your schedule allowing you to continue with the competing demands of work and family responsibilities. The Guided Independent Study Program does not require students to attend a classroom setting and allows the flexibility of the program to complete their educational goals and requirements at any time.
At Novus you have many options for completion of your studies including:

- Submissions of course work online anytime from anyplace.
- Student services are available at the click of a mouse.
- Video lectures are available for additional clarification of course material.
- Access to the Online Library for case research, tutorials, including articles and journals.

Online education and today's technological advances makes going to law school available, obtainable and affordable to students on an international and global basis. Students can qualify to complete their Law Degree; Bachelor of Science in Law (BSL), Master of Laws (LLM), Executive Juris Doctor (EJD) or Juris Doctor (JD) for Specialized Federal or National Professional Practice, Attorney Tract for Bar Admission and Career Programs in over 200 Professional and Career fields.

Once you have been granted Certified Admissions Eligibility and upon completion of an Admissions Certifications Interview you are eligible to register for the next Law Degree Term with availability. Law School Registration is limited each term based upon available Program Mentors and Administrative Staff. Review Certified Admissions for Degree Eligibility Requirements and Program Admissions Requirements.

At Novus Law School, every step of Legal Studies Program is individualized to meet your needs. The University Law School Catalog outlines all program requirements, curriculum/course descriptions, tuition, financing and includes with over 200 pages and links. Take the time to make an informed decision about your educational goals and recognition of your degree.
If you have any questions or you need assistance, contact the University Admissions Office:

Email: admissions@novus.edu
US & Canada: 1-800-699-6685
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