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At Novus you can complete your legal education online, offline, anyplace, anywhere, anytime through distance education. No classroom room study is required. Your studies are completed at a time and schedule that meets your professional and personal obligations.

Currently All law schools that are 100% online are listed as non-approved by the American Bar Association; however, when combined with Clinical Apprenticeship/Attorney Supervised Study for bar admissions, both the practical and degree studies may be accomplished. Attorney Supervised/Clinical Training is completed in law office and court room settings, and can provide practical legal training and experience in a law practice.

The Rules Regulating Admissions to The Practice of Law in the United States are established in each state and the District of Columbia, Washington DC by bar examiners or committees. The options for admissions are detailed below through a link to statistics published by The National Conference Of Bar Examiners and links to state by state bar admissions requirements.

Several states allow all or part bar admission eligibility to be met by Attorney Supervised Study/Apprenticeship (law office study). Further, a number of states may allow admission for non-ABA graduates if they complete a LLM from an ABA school.

If it is your intention to seek bar admission upon completion of your Legal Education and Attorney Supervised Study you should explore all admissions options for all states for which you may seek to qualify under, both general admissions and attorney admissions.

Attorney admissions may apply when an individual is admitted to the bar in one state and may become eligible to be admitted to another state under attorney admissions requirements.

Since jurisdiction rules and policies change, you are strongly advised to consult the jurisdiction's bar admission agency directly for the most current information. Note that many jurisdictions are making emergency changes to rules, policies, and exam administrations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Published Statistics provided by the
National Conference of Bar Examiners
Use this comprehensive guide to determine bar admissions options for general admission, attorney's admission, admission by motions, and all permitted means of legal study by state. It also includes a directory of the State Bar Admission Agencies.
Review Admissions Requirements
All 50 States & the District of Columbia

State Board of Bar Examiners

Attorney Supervised Study for bar admission is available in several states. Bar admission rules relating to using the method of attorney-supervised study in conjunction with your legal education are outlined in the links below. Click for information from theses individual state bar admissions web pages.

*It is recommended that you research all options for the state board of bar examiners in the state(s) in which you are interested in being admitted and your ability to sit for the bar exam.

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