Earn your degree online, anyplace, anywhere, anytime
The Study of law has long attracted individuals of superior abilities. Years ago a legal education was generally only available to those attending a classroom setting and who lived in or near a university or college offering law classes full time or evenings. In our society today, students have the opportunity to learn and attend law school anytime anywhere with the click of a mouse and a connection to the Internet. The benefits of online learning programs are allows the student to complete their studies at a time and place that is convenient to their current life style. Students are not required to move, change employment, commute to class, and most important miss out on the day to day activities of life.

Novus Law School’s online-learning program is flexible and works around your personal and professional obligations allowing you to continue with the competing demands of work and family responsibilities. The Guided Independent Study does not require students to attend a classroom setting and allows the flexibility of the programs to your current responsibilities of family, employment and personal goals. 
• Video lectures are accessible 24-7.
• Assignments are turned in and returned with feedback to the student’s email within days.
• Student services are available at the click of a mouse.

The Distance-Learning Environment Offers Even More Benefits Distance-learning not only makes going to law school accessible and affordable, it also provides a learning environment that is surprisingly individualized. By meeting Novus Law School Law School Certified Admission Standards, you can qualify to complete your Law Degree; Bachelor of Science in Law (BSL), Master of Laws (LLM) or Juris Doctor (JD)  for Specialized Federal & National Professional Practice, Attorney Tract for Bar Admission and Career Programs in over 200 Professional and Career fields; or the Professional Executive Juris Doctor (EJD)
Once you have been granted ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATION you are eligible to register for the next Law Degree Term which has program availability. Law School Registration is limited each term based upon available Program Mentors and Student Services Administrative staff for the law term.
To be granted Certified Admissions Eligibility requires the completion of Admissions Certification Interview and meeting of Degree Eligibility Requirements (Click Here for Certified Admission Requirements).
At Novus Law School, every step of Legal Studies Program are individualized to meet your needs.  You are assigned a Program Mentor, whose primary objective is to help you succeed, and complete your degree studies program with maximum flexibility and built around meeting your personal and professional objectives. Program Mentors work with you on a one-to-one basis.
The University Law School Catalog outlines all program requirements, curriculum and course descriptions, Tuition and Student Financing.
If you have any questions or you need assistance, contact the University Admissions Office Appointment Center US & Canada 1-800-699-6685 or by email admissions@novus.edu.